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Class Opportunities and Belt Information

Classes are for ages 3 and up, of all skill levels. Master Cho conducts classes with a rare combination of respect, discipline, kindness and humor.

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Belt Test Information


Testing forms and fees must be turned in 3 days prior to the test. Master Cho will help you discern whether or not you are prepared to test.


Belt tests take place every other month, usually on Friday at 6pm. Belt advancement award ceremony takes place the week following the test.


White uniform MUST be worn during the test and ceremony.



Taekwondo is the worlds most exciting and fastest
growing martial art. Originating in Korea, it has
quickly spread to every continent. It features high, fast, powerful kicking and effective hand techniques. The 1988 and 1992 Olympics featured it as a demonstration sport. Since then, it has become a full medal sport.

Taekwondo offers many benefits. It is useful to people interested in martial arts or other sports, as well as those seeking healthful benefits from its movements. Students learn proper stretching and warm up techniques. These improve muscle tone and increase endurance and speed. Most  importantly students gain a sense of self confidence, respect and humility.


Haedong Kumdo

Haedong Kumdo is the traditional Korean
sword martial art. It is practiced not only for
its value as a sport, but also as training for a
strong mind and body.

A very old and popular art in Korea, Haedong Kumdo has recently been introduced to the U.S.A.  Grandmaster M.H. Cho is one of the very few qualified Masters in this country.

In addition, M.H. Cho Taekwondo - Haedong Kumdo is the headquarters of the International Haedong Kumdo Federation in the United States.

Haedong Kumdo's movements are based on drawing energy from centrifugal force and the flexibility of the sword.  Students of Haedong Kimdo will realize improvements in speed, coordination, body tone and stamina, harmonizing body and mind.
Additionally you recieve the satisfaction of
practicing an ancient and graceful - yet powerful - martial art form.



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