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Grandmaster Munho Cho

A Lifetime Commitment to Martial Arts Practice and Instruction and Developing Honorable Character​.

Grandmaster M.H. Cho began training in martial arts in 1971. His undergraduate degree in Physical Education is from Dankook University in Korea. He also has a Masters Degree in Physical Education Administration from Ohio University.


A Grandmaster's black belt in Taekwondo and Haedong Kumdo, he has taught children thru adults for over 45 years. He also has taught credit classes at Ohio State University and Ohio University, and is an instructor for hand-to-hand techniques for various law enforcement agencies.

Grandmaster Cho also has black belts in: Judo, Hapkido kickboxing and Kung-Fu. Integrating aspects of all these martial arts into his teaching, he has combined kindness with discipline to develop well rounded, competent students. His personal conviction is that each student's attitude and spirit are his primary concerns. Skill is secondary.

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